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Wine and Cheese and Stick Horse Racing Oh My ……

The fun and games at the Ponderosa Sun Club have been going so fast that I forgot to tell you about a few weeks ago when I hosted the first Annual “Ponderosa Stick Horse Race Derby” which was held around the famous Ponderosa swimming pool.

This was the third and final “Adults Only Weekend” that the Ponderosa Sun Club had for the season, the other two being the Nudes A Poppin Festival and the Mardi Gras Celebration. I think they are going to do that type of deal again next year.

The Derby was a new thing for the Ponderosa and it kicked off a whole weekend of high and low brow fun events. The race had around 8 horses, manned by Ponderosa Members & Guests, while a big wheel of numbers was spun by the horse riders significant others. Scarlett and I also made up some very fun “Mint Julep Sweet Iced Teas” which we served throughout the night to everyone in attendance, and it seamed to me that almost EVERYONE was in attendance at the pool that night.

On Saturday most people dressed up in their finest naked attire to attend the popular wine and cheese tasting at the pool. There were so many people there that I seemed to get lost in the crowd at times, a member with the moniker “DJ Pickle” took care of the tunes for the tasting and then Deejay’ed the dance afterwards, I was not big into drinking the wine but I did eat almost every cheese and cracker that was on the 50 foot long table setting.

Sunday afternoon we had the last of the events for the weekend with the “Paint & Sip” gathering. I tried so hard to channel my inner artist but it was not going to happen on this day. Sherri the artist trainer of the event tried hard to help me but after it was all said and done, she ended up having to fix my canvas every time I tried something. My beloved Scarlett seemed to have no trouble painting a great picture, I guess you just never know what you are going to be good at or not. I am a way better singer than her in the shower. I will say I got that cool zen feeling anyway because Angie the host of the event had some very relaxing and cool music going all afternoon.

Overall I had another great weekend at the Ponderosa Sun Club and it by what I seen so did everyone else.

Cabin Rentals are available by reservation, RV or Tent camping is available at regular prices during these weekends events,

As always for more information you can checkout the website or call the front gate office at 219-345-2268



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