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Hosting A Newlywed Game With A Lot Of Experience In Loosing, What Could Go Wrong Here?

I lost at pool in the first round but that was OK with me because there is always some great people around the game room to joke and laugh with.

As the time here at the Ponderosa Sun Club goes by quickly this season, I have to cut back on posting my recaps of my experiences here to every couple of weeks, there is just too much going on sometimes to look back or recap.

Today I have some down time since it a Monday and it is raining, a bad combination for campground activities, and I am working the front desk at the gate house. (I like sitting down sometimes, LOL)

Lets get into the past couple of weeks, the last post I made was about the Ponderosa Stick Horse Race Derby I hosted around the pool, then that weekends events at the campground which were all well attended by the way.

This time I want to tell you about hosting the first ever Ponderosa Not So Newlywed Game at the pool area on a Saturday afternoon. The night before we had a billiards tournament in the game room with a gift certificate to the Grillin N Chillin Sandwich and Snack Bar on the line as the first place prize. I used to have a pool table in my house when I lived in Pasadena/Gulfport Florida.

How many of you have at one time thought that you would love having a pool table or ping pong table in your house and that you would play all of the time, only to find out that life gets in the way most of the time and the tables get way more use for storing or stacking things in that particular room?

I lost at pool in the first round but that was ok with me because there is always some great people around the game room to joke and laugh with.

Saturday Morning Scarlett and I go out to the pool and set up a bunch of chairs for couples, we planned for 4 or 5 couples to play the Not So Newlywed Game,(See Video Here) only because of all the questions and prepping the cards for the contestants take a bit of time and effort as well, all well worth it let me add, it was a really good time for almost everyone involved. The Ponderosa is a family friendly campground so I did keep the “Woopie” questions down to a minimum. We had a great morning with everyone, I think I did a pretty good job hosting the event but we all know there is always room for improvement in almost everything we do.

That Sunday the members of a particular street within the Ponderosa Sun Club, held an annual block party which I attended, the food was good and everyone looked to have a great time at the event.

The weekdays went by so fast after that because there is so much to do every weekday to prepare for the next weekend, good thing it’s a labor of love for me.

After a good long day in the front gatehouse for me, the Friday night tournament in the game room that week was darts and a funny thing happened on the way to the game room, I lost a contact the day before and guess what? I can now see better without the contact, I don’t know why or how but it is what is happening.

I started throwing my darts with no contacts and no glasses and it went very well, I was hitting the numbers I was aiming at and it was no strain on my sight whatsoever. Now I would like to tell you I won the Grillin N Chillin gift certificate, but it was not to be, I ran into a buzz saw of a player named Joe and Joe was not to be defeated on that night. The good news about loosing this time was that I had more time to eat some very good homemade cookies made by a member named Patti.

The next scheduled event was the annual BBQ fest, an event hosted by a member named Rich where meat and more meat is grilled from 3pm till 6pm when at that time everyone comes and eats a bunch of BBQ, since I am a vegetarian my involvement in this one was very limited, but still it was a good time for me. I did have a desert that a member named Billy made that was to die for, grilled pineapple and some fruit chutney or sauce over ice cream that was unstoppable.

Then last Sunday was the Silver Anniversary Luncheon that the owners of the Ponderosa throw for their members that have been in the Ponderosa Family for more than 25 years. I cleaned, decorated, cooked, and ate all day LOL. Until next time when I have a chance to update how its going here, have a great week and keep that summer smile going as long as you can.

Cabin Rentals are available by reservation, RV or Tent camping is available at regular prices during these weekends events.

As always for more information you can checkout the website or call the front gate office at 219-345-2268

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