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My Labor Day Weekend At The Ponderosa – Its Good And Bad And You Should Know Why

Tony in the Ponderosa Sun Club Gate House

This past weekend marked my second Labor Day weekend at the Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn, Indiana and there are so many things to tell you about, grab a chair or some popcorn if you have to and lets begin below.

First things first in this long weekend of events, as you may or may not know I did a short video about the Labor Day tournaments that the Ponderosa Sun Club is known for, they have everything from egg tossing to a full out sand volleyball tournament and last year I took second place in the horseshoe tournament.

I was hoping for another great winning weekend this year, I entered the shuffleboard tournament, the corn hole tournament, the fowling tournament, the volleyball tournament, the horseshoe tournament and the egg toss championships.

Here is the good news, I competed well in all of the above events, and I brought home, (along with my partner Scarlett) the plaque for the Egg Tossing Championship, I knew that one day these soft hands would be good for something other than giving great massages.

On Saturday night my man Warren, a man named Bob, and myself hosted the first ever Ponderosa Labor Day Weekend Karaoke night at the pool stage and pavilion. It was a huge success and a blast doing it, Warren and Bob did most of the host singing, thank goodness, and the place was packed with fun music for everyone.

Here is the bad news, well its not really bad news but that was it for my hosting or co hosting of events at the Ponderosa for this year. The campground is not closed, visitors are still allowed until September 15th and utilities are turned off to the members on October 15th. I will be helping keep things going until close and you will probably still catch me in the front gate house a few more times, like today as I type this…

What an adventure this season has been for me at the Ponderosa Sun Club, and I really want to thank all of those that have befriended me this year, and even those who refuse to, it all part of the experience for me so it all counts.

I loved learning what I did this year about a whole new dichotomy of humanity, and I will probably never forget it. I say probably because my Zen teacher says everything is impermanent, even your memory.

Until my next post Stay Happy people !!!

Cabin Rentals are available by reservation, RV or Tent camping is available until September 15, 2019 for guests.

As always for more information you can checkout the website or call the front gate office at 219-345-2268

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