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                                                                    Welcome to the Ponderosa Sun Club

       To ensure that your time here will be most pleasant we ask that you cooperate in observing the following rules.

      1.      Everyone must be 21 yrs of age or older.


      2.      For everyones privacy - Cell Phones & Cameras or any photographic devices are not                             permitted in the common areas, including pool area etc.


      3.      Our public areas are for swimming, tanning & using the amenities.  

               Please note that there is no Intimate physical contact or lewd behavior in these areas.


      4.      No illegal drugs or weapons.

      5.      Gawking at anyone is not tolerated.


      6.      Sexual excitement is unacceptable in public areas.  (aka - No Erections )


      7.      Electric Golf Carts Only


      8.     Everyone is here to have a great time, Please be considerate and kind. 


      Thank you for helping make Ponderosa such a wonderful place to spend your summer.        


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