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Spring Break in July at the Ponderosa Sun Club

What is it exactly that we might need a break from here at the Ponderosa Sun Club, a place that has been touted as one of the happiest places on the planet?

Is it possible that even in a utopia type atmosphere that one might need a “Break” from all that is good? Lets just say that no matter who you are, where you are, or how you are, you sometimes would like to step back and take a break from what ever that is.

A couple of weekends ago the Ponderosa Sun Club held its “Spring Break In July” weekend, the season was half over, and well, we really don’t need too much of a reason or a nudge to celebrate something around here.

The pool party was a blast, we had a beach type dance and a bunch of games that you might see at a spring break party. A tropical drink making contest started things off, the winner was named “Ponderosa Pool Water” and we drank it out of a carved out watermelon for extra points. Then there was the beer chugging contest, ( who knew the 16oz cans took longer to get down). The belly flop contest was epic this year, it was tall guy vs. wide muscle guy vs short little guy. Big muscle guy won after a series of sudden death flop offs.

Then it was time for the wet T-Shirt contest for all to see, and still to this day, (I have been hosting these events around the country for about 20 years now),it amazes me how once a woman get her t-shirt wet, the sexy and seductive moves come right out of her. We had a great time watching and it sure looked like our contestants had a great time competing. Yolo ended up taking home the 2019 wet T-Shirt trophy.

Spring Break means many different things to different people, I feel like its spring break here at the Ponderosa Sun Club all season long. Every day seems like spring break fun time. If you missed this years spring break party then make sure to catch the next one, or any of our upcoming weekend events, its always a great time here at the Ponderosa Sun Club, on eof the happiest places on the planet.

RV or Tent camping is available at regular prices during this weekends events

As always for more information you can checkout the website or call the front gate office at 219-345-2268

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